Art Aid has partnered with Campari to launch ONE, a 10-day program of art, music & culture. 100% of profits from ONE’s ticket donations, art sales & auctions support 8 local charities working on the ground in Australia: All Together Now, Asylum Seeker Centre, Batyr, HalfCut, Indigenous Literacy Foundation, Minus18, Save the Children, and WAGEC. A central part of the ONE program involves a genesis Mikey Freedom artwork airdrop for 100 lucky event ticket holders. Designed by Freedom in a one-off collaboration with Campari. By incorporating the iconic Campari Soda bottle and highly abstracted lettering that dances to the tune of Campari, the artist seeks to imbue the work with a sense of ongoing rhythm, balance and movement – distinctive to the spirit of Campari. Together with Art Aid and Campari, this Mikey Freedom collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting journey.
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