Mikey Freedom
(SYD-AUS) Born in 1971, in Sydney, Australia, the son of Scottish migrants, art making was present from an early age – Mikey’s artistic career found fertile beginnings in the 1980s as part of Sydney’s first generations of graffiti writers, a period predating the contemporary street art era. Over the years, numerous exhibitions and projects have been realised; known for his mural’s rhythmic compositions of engaging colour, abstract shapes, contorted figures & at times joyful imagery, and works across a variety of mediums; oils, cut-outs, sculpture, digitally & on - indeed, Mike’s work is diverse & yet immediately identifiable. Mikey’s work can be found across a broad field of public & private engagement, being both fine & commercial, cultural works that have become a part of the fabric of where they are found. Hence, there is a motivation to his work that is endearing, relatable & inviting.