A series of breakdancers from the Sydney 143 crew. Each dance is recorded in a script-like print that is ephemerally unique at that point in time and cannot be recreated. As the dancers are engaging in refining their technique and practice in breakdance, this recording and annotation of their movements and the dance that has passed is entirely unique and representational of that dancer's point in time. My choice to use dance for this project is that dance itself is an ephemeral art piece that holds the idea of dematerialising. Choreographic works that dancers produce are learnt through bodies and typically do not produce a material product, as we are existing in a time where humans are producing too many lasting material goods, witnessing art pieces that provide us with an inspiring experience whilst not leaving a material impact is a practice we could further facilitate. Likewise, this value of dematerialism is held by projection art, and so by using both dance and projection I am able to enforce the value of environmental conversation by creating fewer material objects. Furthermore, I chose to work with breakdancers in my design as I wanted the work to direct viewers to look closely at the level of skill and diligent practice each breakdancer devotes to perfecting their dance. Breakdance, throughout its history, has been a branch of dance that has been reserved for the streets and away from the typical places of dance performance, such as the theatre and studios. Each work is designed for outdoor projection on a facade in a public space.
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