Wendy Yu
(SYD-AUS) Wendy Yu is an interdisciplinary artist who works at the intersections of dance and urban media art. Utilising dance and computer systems, she designs interactive works and builds large-scale immersive experiences to public spaces. Elevating forms of dance such breakdancing, which has typically been segregated to the streets, to the contemporary abstract art landscape. Representing the athletes and histories of local dance communities by creating inspiration and awe amongst viewers of a wider and more diverse background. In Australian artist Wendy Yu’s world, dancers are larger-than-life, floating twenty feet above the ground. Their movements spill down the facades of buildings like water overflowing. Dancing on an infinite loop, it’s poetry in motion. It’s the result of a mesmerising practice that sits at the intersection of choreography, creative coding, and projection art. At 24-years-old, Wendy already has an extensive list of galleries and museums where her work has been exhibited across the world – from Beijing to Russia, Berlin, Switzerland, Sydney, and Melbourne.