‘Meta-Meridians’ is about re-imaging traditional Eastern mythos to the modern day. I am referencing these historical god-like figures as they travel through time, space and data interpreted through a rush of hyper colour collage, ornamental patterns and sharp graphic line work. In traditional Eastern medicine, Meridian lines and points are used to map the flow of energy moving through one’s body. Using elements of these lines as the focal point of my collage, I wish to express tradition evolving and being reinterpreted through a modern lens. In traditional Eastern medicine diagrams, energy flows through the body like stops on a subway map, transmitting through several points in one’s anatomy, ever-changing and shifting through these pathways. I see a similarity in my own experience as an Asian Australian. Stories are shared, points of cultural knowledge are relatable, and I ultimately found to resemble something that feels recognisably ‘Australian’ but also an individual puzzle piece on its own. A fragment that ends up being unique and not easily identifiable. Ultimately I want to create something that feels familiar but is unique to personify the modern Asian Australian identity - jagged edges, bold, dangerous, unpredictable, and anything it wants to be.
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