“Hydrochrom Shake" is a collection of glass sculptures inspired by the color and the texture of the ocean. Each piece is composed of a free-form assemblage of blown cube clusters, which eventually become light, sound sculpture, or simply a freestanding object. Sébastien Léon showed early explorations of this concept as a special exhibition for Design Miami in 2019, and is currently exhibiting a full collection with Los Angeles-based design gallery, Twentieth. Leon's genesis NFT collection features a series of three 1/1 digital sculptures, and three videos files showcasing deconstructed one-minute video loops (editions of three), created from his “Hydrochrom” glass sculptures. An award-winning designer, musician, and artist, Sébastien Léon has committed to releasing NFTs for each new season, starting in Spring 2022. 50% of the primary sale of each NFT will go to The National Bank of Ukraine's crypto donation address.
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