Stephen Ormandy is a Sydney-based contemporary artist who works in the mediums of painting, sculpture and ceramics. "Alphabet" is Ormandy's genesis collection in collaboration with award-winning international special effects and post-production studio, Heckler. The collection consists of 170 items from 16 unique works. It includes "Dark Matter” and "Big Bang" which are 1/1 3D sculptural animations. Alphabet #1-14 are limited edition 3D sculptures. Collectors that own one copy of each of the limited edition "Alphabet" NFT's will receive a physical sculpture of an "Alphabet" piece of their choice, sculpted by the Artist. Ormandy developed an alphabet of shapes by bending the square through the cube, allowing for variety with a connection so the shape would flow as he looks for sculptural opportunities. "Dark Matter" and "The Big Bang" are the results of a hand-built sculpture called “Citadel,” exhibited at Olsen Gallery in 2014, and now recreated in the digital world.
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