The Huxleys are a dynamic duo who present camp commentary and spectacle across the visual art, performance and entertainment sectors. Their photography and performance art traverses the classifications of costume, film and recording. "Places of Worship" is the genesis collection from The Huxley's featuring nine 1/1 items, and is the first time their work has been made available to the public in this format. "Places of Worship" explores the fading magic of supernatural worlds in which The Huxleys cast themselves as exquisite outsiders, isolated and ornate, and existing on the fringes of places, and the margins of society. The collection presents a longing for the fecund precious jewels of the earth to be celebrated and adored, connecting with the glamour found in the surreal peripheries of the world, and emulating the outrageous beauty they interpret in nature through costume and styling. Finding humour and drama in the theatrical juxtaposition of environments and their lurid styling.
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