Tiger Queen #1,
Photography MM, mp4
The primary purchaser of this 1/1 NFT will receive a lenticular that is 27"x 40" inches in size. This is a physical 1/1 artwork and will not be replicated. This is our first NFT release. We're excited to present a series that we feel is a play on Pop Culture, Feminism, The Me Too movement, The B Movie posters of the 1950s, and the classic Tarzan movies - using the never seen before photographs and iconic images of Anna Nicole Smith, shot by Daniela Federici during the early 1990s. Daniela's Guess campaign turned Anna into a legend, capturing her beauty and star quality. It also shot both Anna and Daniela into fame and success. Fame can elevate or destroy you, being somewhat of a double edge sword. We wanted to play with the idea of visual immortality and celebrity. Celebrities become immortal through film and photography. They don't age, and their faces are built into our cultural psyche. Sadly, Anna passed away, but her image lives on - as long as there is public interest. Tiger Queen is a mixed medium of photography, illustration, animation and sound design. We use the jungle sounds, and a female version of the classic Tarzan call in a playful Pulp Culture way on what appears to be a film trailer from old Hollywood and a movie poster that reflects the graphics of the B movie posters from the 1950s. The difference is that we used a female voice doing the famous Tarzan call - initially, it seems quirky and playful, but the last two plates are quotes from the #METOO movement and shift the context… "In a world of grab or be grabbed… This pussy grabs back"… She is in control, and The Tiger Queen doesn't take shit! We will donate 10% of our profits from the primary sale to a trust for Anna Nicole's daughter Dannielynn.
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