Fearless Prophet
USA-NY-LA) Fearless Prophet utilizes pop culture to create art that reflects the social zeitgeist. They use a myriad of mixed mediums including photography, film, painting, illustration, animation, music and sound design. They create vignettes that appear fun and playful, while making sure to embed lots of Easter eggs for the viewer to find and understand the true context of the artwork. Their manifesto is “to serve humanity, to make our thoughts and actions less prone to please the crowd, and to stand with humble courage in the quest for truth.” They move fluidly from digital art to fine art - with each of their 1/1 NFTs, FP creates a limited edition lenticular with multiple photos - the result being a 3D image in a 2D space. All of their art moves, whether it’s in the form of an NFT, a video or a print. It’s the storytelling through movement that excites them the most.