Ocular/ Phosis,
3D Animation/AI Generation, mp4
In the artwork 'Ocular / Phosis' the artist recontextualizes the classic European botanical print, bringing it into a dialogue with the complexities of colonialism and the Australian landscape. This series expands upon the broader 'Ocular / Phosis' theme of challenging visual perception by diving into the uneasy coexistence of transplanted European Flora and Fauna in Australia. The artwork features generative flowers that are in a state of perpetual transformation, their forms and textures evolving in a ceaseless interplay. This ongoing metamorphosis serves as both a mirror and a question: Why does the transposition of forms we deem 'natural' make us uneasy? Dramatic, decadent, and steeped in melancholy, 'Ocular / Phosis' adds another layer of unpredictable richness to the 'Ocular / Fleurs' series, prompting viewers not just to 'see,' but to question the gaze on the landscape. Primary purchasers can opt for the Nvidia media player as an upgrade to get enhanced display quality. The player comes with a Tegra X1+ processor and excels in displaying high-resolution digital art, supporting 4K HDR for vivid, detailed visuals. It offers auto-start and looping functions and can connect to an artist's studio server, allowing for the playback of both current and potential future works. International shipping is not included in the price, please email info@culturevault.com for delivery.
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