Ocular / Eucalyptus,
3D Animation, mp4
Drawing inspiration from 19th-century botanical watercolours, this artwork forms a visual tunnel, leading the viewer through layers of leaves and pages that seem to cascade away. It emphasises the intricate recording of Australian flora, portrayed as both slipping and folding into the distance. This piece elegantly bridges historical and contemporary art forms, reflecting on the passage of time and the evolving perception of nature. Primary token holders can opt for the Nvidia media player as an upgrade to get enhanced display quality. The player with a Tegra X1+ processor, excels in displaying high-resolution digital art, supporting 4K HDR for vivid, detailed visuals. It offers auto-start and looping functions and can connect to an artist's studio server, allowing for the playback of both current and potential future works. Please contact info@culturevault.com for more information.
From the collection 'Ocular / Fleur'
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