Big Bang,
Digital Sculpture, mp4
"Big Bang" is a 1/1 expanding and contracting animation based on a hand-built sculpture called “Citadel,” exhibited at Olsen Gallery in 2014 and now recreated in the digital world. One aspect of my sculptural work has developed around the cube, a building block taking advantage of the plasticity of collage in a 3D format. I developed an alphabet of shapes by bending the square through the cube, allowing for variety with a connection so the shape would flow as I play and look for sculptural opportunities. It's no longer bound by gravity. As if a mathematical enigma, order and chaos create a structure that explodes and reforms, and rotates as if an accidental explanation for the unknown lies in-between what we know - dark matter. Animation and music were created by internationally award-winning visual effects and post-production studio Heckler.
From the collection 'Alphabet'
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