Orb #3,
Generative Video, mp4
ORB #3 is part of a series of four orbs that were inspired by and created for the physical exhibition space. After viewing the space, I drew upon reference images of the Nutopia Cyberlounge. It was a well-known space digital innovator used in London during the dot-com boom to launch digital technologies and experiences (1999-2003). The space was designed to stimulate creative thought with its mix of architectural lighting and ambient sound. I wanted to create the same immersive feeling in the exhibition space. As it's a fully mirrored space, it allowed me to emphasise the capacity of the holographic fans in conveying the illusion of depth and dimension. I created these 3-dimensional animated orbs in colours that would really be pleasing to view in the space. These four orbs were creatively coded using Touch Designer.
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