(AUS-SYD) Mikka Byarugaba under the pseudonym Mikkapedia is a multidisciplinary artist that explores depth and the perception of digital reality. Completely self-taught, he started out as a hobbyist exploring photography, videography and sound production with his SP404. Always seeking new methods of creative expression, he began experimenting with Augmented Reality (AR) with the launch of a Snapchat desktop app called Lens Studio in December 2017. This is how he was introduced into the 3D world. His creative practice has developed and refined through the years as he discovers new technologies. He has only recently begun viewing this creative expression as ‘art’. It was during the 2020 lockdown that Mikkapedia became more than a hobby. He has created work for Holiday the Label, Office Magazine, Vogue, InPrint Magazine, and ID Magazine among others. Mikkapedia’s creative output is ever evolving, however presently he is concerned with the physical expression of his digital art, creating art that people can feel and interact with. This is demonstrated in his recent release of a collection of rings with the jeweller Westhill, a project that combined traditional and contemporary means of production.