Generative Video, mp4
This artwork draws upon one of my earlier experimentation phases with the Kinect camera in 2015. During this period of my life I discovered that the Kinect camera also had a depth sensor, and you could use different programs such as Touch Designer to creatively code & visualise what the depth sensor sees. This was the sole reason why I taught myself how to use Touch Designer. I've been experimenting with it ever since and the programming used in this artwork represents the furthest I've come with the capturing of depth with the Kinect camera. I programmed object tracking spheres that constantly oscillate on an x & y axis, adding additional motion beyond the movement of the figure in the voided space. I used the depth sensor from the Kinect camera to record Rhys Kosakowski dancing in my room. I met Rhys at a party, and I admired the way he moved his body so effortlessly, I decided at that point, nearly a year ago, that I wanted to use him for this project.
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