"Native Plants" is an asynchronous repeat pattern from Fallen Fruit, created using photographs taken at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne during a visit to Melbourne in 2020. It features banksias, kangaroo paws, and other flora among the hundreds of indigenous species preserved in this pristine ecosystem. Using the medium of wallpaper, David and Austin / Fallen Fruit create unique designs inspired by seemingly local flora and fauna. "Natural History" 2020, takes its subject matter from Australia and critically combines introduced species of birds and plants together with indigenous ones, many of them drawn from images held in the NGV Collection. "Native Plants" draws into focus the complex and dynamic relationship between historical and contemporary ideals of beauty and nature, religious ideology, and narrative themes of colonialism and how they function as storytelling in Western art. This is a detail of an immersive artwork created for the European Galleries at the NGV. Music by Andrew Stanley (of Yolanda Be Cool).
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