Public Gathering at the Monument to Sharing
Garden of Delight
"Public Gathering at the Monument to Sharing" is a digital collage made with recontextualized anthropomorphic fruit characters originally created by the public for "Fallen Fruit Magazine" - mainly from their participatory project at the V&A Museum in London, and also various cities around the world. The characters are gathered around the "Monument to Sharing,” the artist's permanent installation artwork in Los Angeles' State Historic Park. It is an installation of 32 orange trees meant to be shared with everyone. This image was created in 2021 to celebrate the launch of the Endless Orchard - Fallen Fruit's collaborative non-contiguous public sharing orchard. Join them in creating the largest edible artwork in the world. **The genesis sale of this NFT includes "Public Gathering at the Monument to Sharing” - a physical 30" x 40" work printed on acid-free paper (in an edition of 6 with 2 APs). It will also include one fruit tree planted in a public space for sharing and mapped on in honour of the new owner. Music by Andrew Stanley (of Yolanda Be Cool).
Edition Number: 1/1
Owner: 0x367588a36373bfd920dbc618107e8d525813444a
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