This series of NFTs from Mr Seaks is part of the curation 'Secret Worlds', by Bianca Beers. Bianca’s curatorial statement: “I’ll start this introduction with the statement that no two people are the same. The way we identify, our stories and context, traumas, hopes, and dreams are all unique, springing from and infiltrating our own internal realities which are uniquely personal. Although I inhabit the same physical space as you, our realities are not the same; they are shaped by our own internal secret worlds and projected outwardly. ‘Secret Worlds’ is an invitation into the worlds that live in the hearts and minds of our artists — each has been given the freedom to express and bring light to anything going on internally — thoughts, emotions, experiences, beliefs, fears, hopes, and dreams — anything the artist would like to share. I hope this exhibit brings some of those different perspectives to light, aiding our journey to greater community, compassion, and understanding.”
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