INJURY X REAL PARENT join forces to explore the relationships between physical and digital souls, probing ongoing topics such as reality, illusions, life and dreams. Their genesis NFT collection originated from INJURY’s film "The Butterfly’s Dream." The main character, named Real is going through a metamorphosis, presenting them self as a half-human half-butterfly persona. The "Extended Dreams Vol.1" series consists of 61 total items across four 25-38 second animated NFTs. The works are digital fashion couture collectibles (Fashion wearable NFTs) and narrative artwork with tailor-made soundscapes. The "Circlet of Thorns" and "Meta Bubble Boots" version of Real (equipped with butterfly wings) are rumoured to exist only in-between dreams - consuming materials and possessions that surround her, metaphorically questioning the labour-intense and materialistic reality that exists in the real world.
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