Madonna Proof Sheet Shot #4,
Photography MM, mp4
At my studio on Broadway in Soho in 1983, I awaited the arrival of a young, unknown musician named Madonna who had engaged me to shoot her first album cover. The woman arrived alone with a small bag in hand, looking penniless yet chic. I complemented her striking street style with punk rock hair and makeup, adding silver chains and leather accessories rummaged from my girlfriend's jewellery box. The fledgling superstar played her recently released E.P. to soundtrack the shoot. As she danced to her music in a way that only she could, I realized that I was in the midst of a true original who moved in front of the camera like a seasoned model. Madonna inherently understood that the key to a great photograph was the ability to connect. She trusted me, and it came right through the lens. When she returned the next day to look at the proofs, the final selections were agreed upon immediately, even though there were many great ones to choose from. The shots were sent to L.A., and after the album came out a few weeks later my phone never stopped ringing. My Madonna NFTs are about the very moment before and after you catch the magic shot, but the truth to me was there were a lot of magic shots on these proof sheets. Animation and music were created by internationally award-winning visual effects and post-production studio Heckler.
From the collection 'Madonna 1983'
Gary Heery
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