POP #3,
3D Animation, jpg
As a global community, we are navigating unprecedented times. With the ongoing cultural, political and ecological crises, and the anxieties it presents society has been forced to reassess the way in which we engage with ourselves and the systems we exist within. The intention of this work is to encourage audiences to think about the way we navigate our environments and their inhabitants. POP depicts an environment that is abundant and thriving, a surreal site of discovery where technology works symbiotically and harmoniously with the natural world. I thought this was an important metaphor as we enter into this new era of technological development. In a time when our digital lives take up most of our reality, my work aims to confront and renegotiate our relationship to the real and the strange. Sprinkling the impossible with the familiar demonstrates how odd our realities can be.
From the collection 'Secret Worlds: POP'
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