Happyland #2,
Illustration, gif
"Happyland" is a fantasy, a place to seek comfort and solitude. Inspired by 1990's nostalgia this work is a small slice into the hypnotic world of Zeke's Lunchbox. Zeke aims to create a respite from the overwhelming, loud and often hyper-masculine digital space with an artwork that seeks mediation, softness and joy. The work aims to comfort and celebrate those most disenfranchised in our world by representing a unicorn with rainbow hair, a symbol originally associated with purity but has now been absorbed as a beacon for the queer community. In this work you'll find a troll doll, crystals and flora strewn throughout, these are all trinkets the artist personally enjoys to seek delight and comfort, even for just a moment.
From the collection 'Secret Worlds: Happyland'
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