Meta-humanoid: Real Y2K22.R001,
Digital Fashion, mp4
This artwork features "Meta-humanoid: Real Y2K22.R001," the main character who is going through a metamorphosis and as such is presented as a half-human half-butterfly persona. The "Circlet of Thorns" and "Meta Bubble Boots" version of Real (equipped with butterfly wings) are rumoured to exist only in-between dreams - consuming materials and possessions that surround her, metaphorically questioning the labour-intense and materialistic reality that exists in the real world. An HD mp4 digital file of this NFT will be sent to the owner of the token upon request. The owner will also be included in the white list for any upcoming INJURY X REAL PARENT releases and events. Artwork, CG Animation, Fashion & Couture, Character & Music created by INJURY X REAL PARENT. CG Environment Art by Henry W Pyne.
From the collection 'Extended Dreams Vol. 1'
Not for sale
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