"TO-TEM-GOLD" is a 1/1 3D animated sculpture based on 2D illustrations representing fabulous animals composed of shapes, bright colours and patterns. Inspired by goldsmithing, watchmaking and certain pieces by Pierre-Karl Fabergé, we wanted each totem to be a contemporary sculpture and a piece of jewellery that refers as much to art deco as to pop culture. The refined scenography stages the totem that turns on itself and reveals two different faces, "To-Love / To-Hope", that complement and answers each other. Each sculpture exploits the artistic possibilities of the 3D technique: namely, the combination of materials with animated patterns, the saturation of colours, transparencies, reflections and light sources and finally, the cinematographic processes. Music by Andrew Stanley (of Yolanda Be Cool)."
Edition Number: 1/5
Owner: 0xfa24f89fae22346c71d832bd4cc886f5f42716b0
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