Mia Forrest
Mia Forrest is an award-winning visual artist based in Northern NSW, Australia. Mia's Bloom artworks hybridize time, technology, and nature; surreal stretching flowers bloom upward, embodying re-imagined cosmic forms and shapes. As they transform and bloom, they form a DNA-like helix structure, inviting the audience to contemplate how species morph, change, survive, and thrive over time. Mia’s botanical arrangements immortalize the otherwise impermanent and ephemeral nature of botanicals and re-imagines them in a digital context using digital time-expanding techniques, resulting in a series of still and moving image artworks. Her work has been recognized by the Tweed Regional Art Gallery (Emerging Artist Award, 2022), Byron Art Prize (finalist, 2022), Photo Collective Australian Photography Awards (finalist 2021) and her artwork has been licensed for immersive viewing experiences and proptech by Standard Vision (LA) and sugarglider.digital (Australia). Her 1/1 NFTs have been acquired by institutional DAO’s World of Women, RawDAO, and Fellowship Futures, as well as a strong collector base. In collaboration with floral art studio ACID.FLWRS, together they created Acid.Bloom.