Shan Jiang
(LDN - UK) Shan Jiang, from the collective Pig, Chicken & Cow (with Jing Wu) is a Shanghai native, London based Illustrator. His intricate, linear, figurative work is strongly influenced by his home city of Shanghai — its skyscrapers and bungalows, contemporary concepts and traditional superstitions, communist ideology and flourishing subcultures. Inspirations include Chinese Meticulous Art, Ukiyo-e, Bauhaus design, Durer, manga, and anime. Selected clients including NASA, Hennessy, Nike, Apple, Nordstrom, Diageo, Li-Ning, Casio, Toyota, Volvo, Sony Music, Tiger Beer, Mondo, BAFTA, WIRED Magazine, Folio Society, The Guardian, Laurence King Publishing etc.